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The Sword

I am the Sword,
On this tomb I lay,
I am the Sword,
Restless and impatient,
I am the Sword,
Waiting for my guiding Hand
That will wield me!
Freeing all my power
And glamour into battle!
Together we will fight the world!
I am one of the ancient relics,
Forged by Earth itself,
In her womb,
The silver blade, magical,
The strongest forever,
I will split demon
As well as the hardest rock.
Now, a new quest to fulfil,
But where is my guiding hand?

I lay in this tomb,
Bathing in this pale light.
The cold grave of my ancient lord,
Last Servant of Mother Earth.
Covered by the dust of time,
I lost the bright silver glitter
I used to have in combat.

Through time I have served
The greatest and righteous kings
Of this world, by their hand,
I brought peace and justice.

Now again,
I feel the darkness all around.
I am calling the chosen one, the new Messiah,
Destined to be the my Mother's new loyal warrior,
Bounding his strength and soul to mine.
Once again, together we will cleanse this world,
On our path shredding all darkness and evil into oblivion.

By my blade!

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