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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

The Team

There's a spark that ignites the internal fire
It makes us strive for the best we can be and higher
Sometimes we stumble and we're back at the start
But it won't matter 'cause we're used to it hard
That's why it won't get us down, it's just the way that we are
It's not just the way that it works out sometimes
'Cause that we have was bought with our last dimes

Wherever we go through the rain and snow
From the sand and the sun to whichever way the wind blows
Each of our hearts make up equal parts
And they're bound by a cause that can't be held to man's laws
Facing the odds as human lighting rods
We grow strong from our pain though we've gone a little insane
Together we're one and as one we'll fall
However dark it seems, don't underestimate the team

Road life brings each of us close together
We don't sleep 'cause we know that it's now or never
It may be tough to ride and sleep in a van
Suspicuous looks and hiding out from the man
Can't tell us we're not a movement we just play in a band
We know what we want and we want it right now
Don't stand in our way 'cause we'll get it somehow

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