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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

Those Damn Things


You wont believe me
But I think there's something surrounding me
You'll think I'm crazy
But I think I'm caught in their writhing ring

I use to hear them just under my bed
But now they're scraping away at my head
Now what
What am I going to do


Those Damn Things
When I get them in my head
Those Damn Things
Digging up my past

(Close your eyes and lay back down
We can excavate the heart of it)

Verse II:

I left my home and went overseas but they just followed me
I don't want to remember
Gravity is weighing in

(Repeat Chorus)


I close my eyes
And lay back down
Can you excavate the heart of it
If you go in
And I go out
Can we get the nit and grit of it

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