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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

Thou Shalt Die

Torment and enmity I feel
as it clenches my soul.
Can sense the fear in you
and the sins you have deceived.
Oh don't you lie to me!
or try to be a
goddamn bloddy fool!,
in quest for envy.

I hate you, you coward.
Madness will rise,
scourge and vex in pain
screaming, Thou Shalt Die!
I hate you,
you liar and hope you burn in fire.
Your blood and misery
will free a contend
what is right.

No longer can I stand,
your strife is making me sick.
Death watches over as
you're punished and outraged.
This is your final call,
you've been told,
it's time to set my role
?.your execution.

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