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Tiempos Que (en inglés)

take consiencia
times before
were not well
taba poisoned cake
Now everyone is going to die with this full

I'm going to off to relieve
These are the times
recording artists such awebason
every day up to the radio estcion
dj pushing its shit song (aa)

These are the times
Many believe such packages
so Pegao
are lucky that one of the company firmao
and investing in Pallol pa be Pegao (a. ..)

Today qe bn this year as paying
Chombo and the signature checks at 100

xq if you do not pay
xq if you do not send
xq ___________
xq if I win
and on the streets here and many packages
estubieran dem
These are the times
or your own belief in guial ta
Men lie to you
tambn and your face
revuelca is any
mony fuckin man (a. ....)

and in the street ay bitch buco
will always be that bitch
t want buchit
love of chit
I come to my mama
and you and you will kiss you
buco guiales man kiss
and so fuckin sucking bit
Buca awebason asen
and that is why I want
xq buk is walking guiales x ahy
Tonton apportioning
pegandole and the whole man
kind of infection
that these are the tempos
ay not work and employment
and we want jodder
and we have to leave the corner
Nat to sell our children
tiemplen and can not eat (aaaaa)
s not really a lie
raoiadires want to be a danger man
so we both get to sacredem clam
then change and behave like batiman (aaaaa)
and anybody can be trusted
far more than any they
can help
xq you do not know where you can traisionar
I say you live your plays you have to take care
and now are the times
so envious of you have taken the qieren
tambn eat what you want to eat them
I can aser
I can not believe
I have to sit and see
careful when you go to PEAKING
very careful when you are ready to travel pa
cuidadito anyone can comment on it
cuiado much as anyone you can trust (aaaaa)
and at the same airport
you lose
socks, sneakers up on a hat
revisansan you from head to toe
Hata and you soban eggs
x comment beyond a damn (yyyy)
that these are the tiempor
These are just the times
only say that these are the tiempor
really say these are the times that (aaa)
I am going to unburden
I will off

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