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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos


Timothythe buoys(rupert holmes)trapped in a mine that had caved inand everyone knows the only ones leftwere joe and me and timwhen they broke through to pull us freethe only ones left to tell the talewere joe and metimothy, timothy, where on earth did you go?timothy, timothy, god why don't i know?hungry as hell no food to eatand joe said that he would sell his soulfor just a piece of meatwater enough to drink for twoand joe said to me, "i'll have a swigand then there's some for you."timothy, timothy, joe was looking at youtimothy, timothy, god what did we do?i must have blacked out just around then'cause the very next thing that i could seewas the light of the day againmy stomach was full as it could beand nobody ever got aroundto finding timothytimothy...

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