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To The Deeds We Missed

To all those rays of hope, to those flops and blunders
Opportunities which just slipped through my fingers
To those boats I never caught and to tormented sleep
To those folks I wanted to be, only idols, not for keeps

Misunderstandings, words unspoken, all the lies
The moments I thought shared that fade before my eyes
Things said so quickly that you don't mean what you say
To those who couldn't see things my way
To the deeds we missed

Those years wasted in trying to act the clown
The walls in front of me that I could not push down
To all those things I missed, which now remain unknown
To all those things I'd much better not have known

The world with its pains, I no longer am afraid
The notes, the melodies, I really wish I'd played
All the words that others put in rhyme that left me stunned
Like so many children who never knew to land of the living
To the deeds we missed

To loves that break apart because they'd loved too much
Faces and their features that were only light brushed
To treasons that I made that left me so untouched
To those living who should not be as such

To our destinies for which we have no control
To an the masks that circumstances made me put on
To our weaknesses, our forgetfulness and our desperations
To fears which must remain in our possession
To the deeds we missed

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