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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

Tonko Tonko

You are the Geisha girl ment for me
Here's a glass rice point so bello and so sweet
Why don't you drink it and give me a smile
Let's say it comes round for a future bright

Tonko tonko

A devil's string of pearls and your beautiful lies
Twies and twilight gines a lover of just around the corner
Love at first sight enity, you were like an angel send from down above

Tonko tonko

It is an endless game of day and I
Strollin' along arm in arm 'neath the weeping willow tree
O name your melody o sweets on the blow
And hear a four of you glow of eyes hound, na

Tonko tonko

When my turpet laid for loving you my dear
And I follow like a shed for everywhere you may roam
Is it a syndrogoyo aren't you alone
I think a light will light in the starless night, na

Tonko tonko


Ahahahaha (Aha aha)
Hahahaha (Aha aha)
Hahahaha (Ahah aha)
Hahahahahaha, hahahahahahaha

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