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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

Travelling Through The Ages

We've been travelling thru the ages
We've been almost everywhere
We've wasted all our treasures
And it seems like we don't care
Why on earth do we need God
When we have everything we need
In our madness we have lost it
So what's left for you and me

Can't think about tomorrow
And a future without God
Why throw away our only chance
When He is the only hope we've got
He's the only one

If you're ready to give up the fight
And surrender before God
And tell Him you are ready now
To give Him all you've got
Yes, He's ready to give you all
That you've been searching for
He loves you, and he always will
But seek him first of all

The future lies in Jesus
And the world must hear it now
No money in the world can buy
Your soul when it's time to fly
Hear it now, before it's time to fly

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