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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

Tribal Vodoun

From deep inside the islands
comes a
religious belief of
magical fate
Necromantic tribes of the secret societies

Conducting ceremonies of the
Vodoun faith
Revenge in store for
enemies they hate
Soon to die awaiting to arise

Doomed to die by a
malevolent curse
Carnival of chaos
Symbolic designs
carved in the earth to beckon 'LEGBA'

Reflections of rage and violence
Thundering drums echo unforgiving

Tribal chants grow louder
Dancers travel throughout the fire

Deity of fire 'OGU'
Protects skin from the flames

Divine horsemen arrive
mounting the initiation of possession

Tearing glass / utter pandemonium
spirits indulge in burning torches
Displacement to the ground
Spinning dancers wake to reality

Vodoun - cannot be abstracted from the
day to day life - of the Believer
All is whole - no separation between
material and spiritual

The Bokor
concocts the powder with the poisonous Datura
sprinkled upon the gateway of his victim
Body racked with terrible convulsions -
Mucus flowered from the nose and mouth shaking horrible

The edge of consciousness
criteria of poison
Lethargic coma
Indistinguishable from death

Mentally alive / pronounced physically dead
Nails driven into the coffin buried prematurely
Mind slips / disoriented / complete amnesia
Three days fermented incarnation of Evil

Guardian of the cemetery
Preparing the victim's soul
for Zombification

The fear initiates the victim
Psychologically vulnerable
Powder does not secure
Fate / it's the mind
Baron unleashes cadaver
A soul trapped in a vessel
Blood spilt offering
Resurrection of zombie
body without character
Aimlessly wandering through time
servant to the Bokor
Le culte Des morts

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