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Trued Up

Jayo Felony]
And if he goes come at me foul
I'll bust him in they bowels
For this rag fo mag bitch get shit bag
Watch me hit this fag for this sag
With this, til I die
Cripple cry
Mr. Nice Guy's dead
It's end hood
To the heart and it's 4 7's to the head
They could be strapped
I got strapped
You see its only one thing
I got this strap and they ain't goin for none of that
Comprehend like you the one who just end your career here
When the bullet hits your collar bone
You know it's like fuck a career
I drink a beer over your soul
Motherfucker rich roll
Catch you and your man slippin cuz and fuck up your stroll cuz
And its just how these hoodstas rolls
Talkin about is he a blood or is he a crip
Nigga I'll sock that faggot in his big ass lips

Put a straight jacket on me, cause I'm throwing a tantrum
And all the crips across the world, y'all gon' sing this anthem

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
We stay, trued up, blued up
True phat laces, true blue chucks
We crippin till we die cuz and will shoot you up
Cop a 38 for the G-homie that used to shoot up

[Jayo Felony]
I'm like
N to the H to the deep blue sea
Anyone of y'all who comes against me be D-E-A-D
And the only Jay I know is Bullet Loco
Nigga, J-A-Y-O for sure F-E-L-O
N-Y-C me then die he be
Sitting up biting niggas hits
Then acting like he da shit
But see all y'all marks and bustas gonna give me my respect
When you see this big ass C hanging and dangling from my neck
You're like the lion from The Wizard of Oz, he ain't hard
It's West coast in line if you think we ain't hard
Where you think the khakis the jumps
saggin the blue and red rags come from
We made it up ya dum-dum
Y'all niggas avoiding me now like a flat ass Sprite
Ya bitch loves this crip dick I'm serving that ass right



[Jayo Felony]
I been trained to escape death, like double-oh-seven
You can coke ya dope lope nope it's four seven
And its some thirsty ass sharks out here
But you know well, they schooled ya
Like don't go too far from your hotel there
They like don't go past that Fat Burger
On Lafiyania, them niggas a jack you
You bitch too, body guard and manager
You wake up in a cold sweat
And never leave the house
Everything you eat got a funny taste
Like that barrel in your mouth
Cuz get them riches
And hit them bitches
Got riders in ya videos and can't hit them switches
So take ya funny ass raps ya girl and ya boyfriend
And get the fuck up outta town
Cuz them niggas are poison
And they know not to fuck with the bullet loco
I'm from the East Side
Rollin 4-0


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