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Tuff Guy

Dominance, a portrayal of his being
Indifference is the image we are seeing
But image isn't everything
And everything he has we've been shown
His outer shell is ruggedness
But inside he is cold and alone

He fools the world day by day
By actions he is showing
They yield his territory
Without ever really knowing
That inside his heart remains a little child
Who's fearful of the world
And retaliates by pretending he is wild

He's a tuff guy who walk the walks
Tuff guy who talks the talk
Tuff guy believing not what he says or who he is

His wayward bas-ass attitude
Makes him feared and hated
But someone will expose the hoax
Of this monster he's created
When that day arrives
He'll hang his head in shame
And laughter will be heard
At the mere mention of his name

Creating a past of action tales
And bold heroic glory
Amounts to a collection of exaggerated stories
Reality clarifies that only one thing is true
Whether to believe or not is only up to you

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