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Until the Dawn's Mist

Come King Paralda, Ruler of the Sylphs
blow Eurus, mighty winds of the sun
come Red Lion, a constant burning flame
place in our hearts the seeds of thy will

the wind is sighing
the candle awaits the flame

Blue robed keeper of the fall twilight
blow Zephyrous, tide of emotions fills the cup
mother of mitnight silence, ruler of earthly spirits
fill us with vitality, until the dawn' s mist

Awaken the twilight slumber
the forest releases the serpent

Guardian of the North, bearer of the pentacle
Guardian of the East, hearer of the wand
Guardian of the South, bearer of the sword
Guardian of the West, Serpent of the Eclipse

Take me, O' Beautiful Serpent

Thou who art the dawn, the spring, the intellect
Thou who art the noon, the summer, the will

Thou who art the lust, the autumn, the emotion
Thou who art the night, Thou who art the winter,
the physical reality

Take me... to the ends of the earth
Take me... to the land of no return
Take me... until the dawn' s mist

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