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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

Possessed by beast... possessed
Possessed by drugs.
Stone heart in breast... divine
The crusher of life.

This is not dream
Reborn beast flow through vein
Victim start to scream
Beast takes life that she gain

Looking for last vein!

Drugs kills like sword
Drugs kills like gun
Fallen man left his world
Lost big war he begun

I curse all fucked dealers
Sellers of shit in my eyes are killers
Reckless kids takes for pleasure
More dealers they meet the rather

Two metres under the ground
There lies my friend
Gone for last bound
Took golden shoot and bent
Burn... Burn in fire
Burn... burn
Burn... Burn you bastard

God please tell me if there's someone who,
Who can stop her in time
Before the beast will find another victim,
Another weak man.

Beast is rising in power
Now she is chasing onto you
Drop the drugs don't be coward
Slay that dealer on your way

Beast takes over you
She controls you...

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