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We Need to Communicate

Why is that an unreasonable pont of view?
When we're talking, we seem to talk of leaving
You changed so much (I was cut apart)
We didn't do that (How was it?)
The way of talking which didn't stop
Until my head seemed to spin and I was irritated
(What did you think of it?)

With us love was cold within 10 months
Everyday we hated what we saw
Like you I found many good people
(People who are seen in magazines
Once it seemed okay)
Affection doesn't come from anywhere
It comes from my heart
There is no end to my heart
Maybe it seems that this is how love is
I'll try to love you
(Try to listen to me from now on)

I clinged to you (That wasn't clinging)
You were too, too tied up (I'll be tied up like you)
We won't trawl dating pages like a rag
Everything is interference (baby woo woo woo)

I want to know what interests you
Inside my head I've become fond of you
Did a wave come and carry me away?
You're awful for not listening to me
(Because of you in my head, I liked you)
I miss you so much, and your phone calls
Did I try to love you?
Your voice sounded annoyed by my I'm busy now
(Will you try to listen when I say I'm so sorry?)

We need to talk (Or else we'll break up like this)
I don't really know you (Our words left unsaid)
Always I keep it inside me
How you are precious and how much I thank you
I'll forget it all (baby woo woo woo)

We need to talk
We don't talk enough
If we are in love, we should not speak of trivial things
We don't try hard enough to speak our minds
(I love you so much)
We need to talk

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