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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

What Would You Say

What would you say? dave matthews bandup and down the puppies' hairfleas and ticks jump everywhere'cause of original sindown the hill, fell jack and hilland you came tumbling after'cause of original sinrip away the tearsdrink a hope to happy yearsand you may find a lifetime's passed you by1-what would you say? don't drop the big one if you a monkey on a string don't cut my lifeline if you a doggie on a chain don't bite the mailman what would you say?2-i was there when the bear ate his head thought it was a candy everyone goes in the end knock knock on the door. who's it for? there's nobody in here look in the mirror, my friend i don't understand at best and cannot speak for all the rest the morning rise, a lifetime's passed me by(repeat 1)every dog has its dayevery day has its way of being forgottenmom, it's my birthday, would you say?what could you say?what would you say?(rpt 2)what would you say?source: from close-captioning on saturday night live

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