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Where Are You Now

When my grandma got old
It was my mom who loved her the most
Hung up the phone just to help her get back home
So that she's not all alone
And I remember the last time I saw her brothers
Standing in the living room in regards to their mother
And that was quite, quite some time ago
That they let go

Where are you now (Now)
Where are you now (Now)

And after everyone had left
My mother closed her eyes and she wept
And I thought about the things that she had said about her brothers
And just how much they meant

And how it's so hard to lose the ones that you had thought you had forever (Now)
How she hopes that someday soon they realize that they know better (Now)
And if anything is left inside if my family still is out there (Now)
Maybe someday soon they'll act their age and actually try and care (Now)
Past their grudges and their memories, yeah you wouldn't say I told you so (Now)
Hope you make it home in time for Christmas cause we're all alone (Now)
I hope you know (Now)
Where are you now (Now)

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