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They say she worked magic, foretold the future.
They called her - old whore, keeps company with the devil.
Since I remember she was with me. I called her mom.
They say she was always there, in forest. Even the eldest remember her
and so do their ancestors, or rather legends of her.
I do not know if she had a beginning, I know she has no end.
There, in the old forest I can still see something, like a stooyed shadow, sneaking.

Mother, why did you not surrender to them? Why were you so proud?
Were the truth, instincts, honesty, pride and your beauty
expressed in faithfulness to none but yourself?
I brought you to ruin.
How did they hate you for that! Drove you into a fire for their god.
They were scared,
Scared because they knew deep in their hearts you were right.
They were scared their false world would fall apart together with their false lives.
You got killed for you were brave enough to embody
their longings and dreams.
They came to hate you for your courage.
You were so beautiful in the fire. Not afraid at all.
You did not say a word.
Your silence scared them even more.
They will always be afraid for in in you they killed all their
dignity, courage and dreams.
All they have left is fear and mindless existence.

But you did not die for me, mother.
I do not know if you find a beginning but certainly you have no end.
Since you took me in, that cursed bastard,
we will always be together.
They fear me now. Has my time finally come?
Will we always be together from now on?

There, in the old forest people see shadows,
stooyed, sneaking by.
They are scare. And forever more will be.

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