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With You

And now the time has come to say
How much I do
How much I love you;
Be beside you through and through
Let every moment we share
Together be precious moments
That will last the end of time

So take my hands and walk
This road of ups and downs
And wear this ring and hear
My heart sing of love I've found
A million questions
We'll find the answers
I want to spend my life
Just holding you and loving you

With you I touch the sky
You give me wings so I can fly,
I fly with you
You turn dark skies into blue
I know our love is true
My every morning's not the same
If I'm not with you

With you all dreams come true
All dreams are made in love with you
With only you
You start and end each
Silent prayer
I know for sure that you're there
Now i know forever's a journey
I will take with you...

So kneel beside me
And make a promise before God
To stay together
Love forever near or far
We'll find the answers
To every questions
Today I start my life
Just loving you,
My life is you!

With you...

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