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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

Yeun Ttan Kalbee

I starved for the whole day so I was wondering what I should eat
I smelled something wonderful and it was a Korean barbeque restaurant.
Using a rusted pincher, taking out the coal
Adults reminisce about the past
On top of the coal they cook pork and squid
In a small box, it's full of coal
I got full just watching them
Those days, those memories are more warm then the coal fire
Would my mom and dad have those memories too
As you inhaled the coal gas, one shot cabbage juice (?)
For the whole night, you just talk about memories
The coal man wheeling the cart
Always smoking the cigarette, always sighing that sigh
The water the kids in town gave him all over his shirt
My heart gets warm too
As I eat the meat I make more memories
Someday I'll say something like this

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