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You Don't Love Me

You think that I can't see
I know you're playing games with me
Watching every move you make
It's him or it's me we gotta make or break

I can see it in your eyes when we're makin' love
I can feel it in your touch it's just not the same
Every time that we kiss it chills me to the bone
Your heart is made of stone

You don't love me any more
If you found someone else I don't wanna know
You don't need me don't want my touch
I'm just a fool for your love

Talk to me lets make it right
I can't stand another lonely night
Drowning in my misery I'm beggin' you baby
Be good to me

Can't you see it in my eyes when we're makin' love
Can't you feel it in my touch I love you too much
Every time that I try to get next to you
You just turn away

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