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For You

[verse 1]
to my mother
to my father
it's your son or
it's your daughter
are my screams
loud enough for
you to hear me
should i turn this up for you?

i sit here locked inside my head
remembering everything you said
this silence gets us nowhere
gets us nowhere
way too fast

[verse 2]
the silence
is what kills me
i need someone
here to help me
but you don't know
how to listen
and let me make
my decisions


[verse 3 (bridge)]
all your insults
and your curses
make me feel like
i'm not a person
and i feel like
i am nothing
but you made me
so do something
cause i'm fucked up
because you are
need attention
attention you couldn't give

CHORUS (repeat )

Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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