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Suddenly Frankie

lift up your head
was off that mascara
here take my kleenex
wipe that lipstick away
show me your face as clean as the morning
it know things were bad but now they are okay

Cuz' suddenly Frankie is standing beside you
Don't need no make up, dont have to pretend
suddenly frankie is here to provide you
frankie's you friend

nobody ever treated me kindly
daddy left early, mamma was poor. I'd meet a man and I'd follow him bindly. He'd snap his fingers,me, I'd say sure

suddenly frankie is standing beside me. He don't give me orders ,He don't condescend suddenly frankie is here to provide me. Sweet understanding frankie's my friend

tell me this feeling will last forever. tell me the bad times are clean washed away

please understand that it's still strange and fighting for losers like i've been

it's so hard to say . suddenly frankie (suddenly frankie) he purified me (he purified you) suddenly frankie (suddenly frankie) he showed me i can (yes you can) learn how to be more the girl that's inside me. Sweet understanding frankie's you (my) friend

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