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Get The Funk Out!

steppin' into this world to make it my own
got a pocket full of nothin' and some personal loans
someday our faces will be gracin' the pages of rolling stone
you know we're racin' to the studio to record with jerome
i'm sick of these piddly bitches with their radio hits
steadily switchin' up their style thinkin' that they can get rich
i got speakers pumpin' energy, servin' up the melody
here we go, it's ballyhoo!
rockin', rhymin' remedy

oh, there's got to be somethin' better
and all my life right place, wrong time
still think it's beautiful

ready to rock the mic and show these people what's up
but all the lack of funds has got me really thinkin' i'm stuck
and i'm starvin' for the chance to put this scene on the map
and when you look at it, you see that aberdeen is in tact
nobody ever told that it'd be easy, believe me
ain't gonna tease, i know my rappin' is cheesy FO-SHEEZY!
but just say FUCK IT and believe what you do
don't let nobody tell you different if you know it's the truth

Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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