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This Place is a Zoo

Here in the jungle we got everything we need,
a lot of animals to feed.
Eagles, crocodiles, lions and monkeys.
We got princesses, queens and kings.
Gorillas and lizards, elephants and parrots,
Lawyers and a bunch of idiots.
Rhinos and zebras, dears and a snake.
Countries starving with nothing to bake.

We think that we are happy,
And we are all civilized,
That love is a feeling that was petrified.
We are getting lonely as years are passing by.
You're in a cage saying goodbye.

Cheetahs and hyenas, bears and kangaroos.
Some go to churches and some do voodoos!
Giraffes and hippos and a butterfly.
Selling dope and everyone is high!
We got politicians that look like koalas.
They start up in here and end up in Dallas.
Dolphins and sharks, camels and horses.
We got good people with the right forces!

Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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