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Blemished Sacrifices

Living a lie, waiting to die
drowning your soul in sin
moral decay, you will pay
injecting the venom within
hiding your sorrows, running away
destroying the spirit's shrine
wasting your life, unbearable strife
the drug infests your mind
Going nowhere
living nightmare
endless falling
he is calling
Ice cold, you sit in fear
your body weakens inside
lethal dose, invading you
you're running out of time
blackest night closing in
ripping you to the core
suicide, the terminal lie
yet eternal life can be yours
Evil defied, escape the lie
misery freed within
spirit control leading your soul
victory from what has been
gaining wisdom, growing in strength
attainings dependence on christ
forgiven sins, life through him
he was the sacrifice

Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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