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The Nighttime Graveyard

Night time graveyard
My aim is set on war
Fullmoon guides me by it's light
Shadows of Evil are haunting me
The un-resting souls of the dead
Are cursed to eternity in the twilight
I give praise to the Dark
I feed on the almighty forces of the Dark

The Darkness around me
The Darkness within me

My soul is black - my soul is haunted
Circles on the ground I draw
Pentagram of Baphomet - Satan - Master
Gathering forces of the Dark Lord
Grave desecration - crosses inverted
Blood of Christians in the night
Satanic arts - pleasure of pain
Opening Hell's dimension
Sacred blasphemy - swearing the Oath
No mercy given - the world in flames
The Night is my time - where I come alive
The Night is black - and so is my soul!!

Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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