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Lament Of a Sinner

This whole grim night I've cried
I've wept my for pitifulness and grieved for the things I've done
Felt utter sorrow for the things I've left undone
How have I been able to be so blind?
My good deeds in the past bring no relief; for I see that I've done them
only to make people think I'm a good man
Only in very childhood I was innocent, and didn't make my selfish desires
the light that shows me where to walk.

Lord God, if you exist, please look upon me
Have pity on me, the most wretched wrongdoer

Do I have any alternatives, but to harden my heart again?
And to choose not to care
For I am too weak to become a good man
Oh, if I only could return to my mother's womb
To be unborn, to have my whole life ahead
And to be able to choose again... maybe this time I would choose aright

At last sun rises, but does it bring celestial grace over me?
No, only forgiveness of the mightiest could lift my burden

The night is over
but still I cry

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