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Exotic Shadow/split

Exotic shadow

Long lost forever.
Long forgotten and always in a past distant, silence for the fear, as a creature of dark feeling, becoming free in shadow of the night, be tormented, a wish of revenge insatiable, destroyed for the disillusionments, like a soul that is sad and cursed, if loving, if hating, if cursing.
A soul melancholy, telling words without sense, murmuring something inconceivable, living in a world happy that not exist; searching for happy without illusion, how a nighttime ghost that cry, living in exotic shadow, waiting the end, for your suffering.

Broken heart, lost soul, burning for inside, lost in the twilight of the night, stained to blood, be lit up for light, fallen under the moon that stained your sky of blood.
Broken heart, soul shout the sound of the moonlight, burning the inside, with to look frightening, trying escape of your nightmare, trying escape of your single way, the death.
Christ brings him the life.
(He's) (or) she's burning to inside, burning your eyes.

Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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