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I feel your lack, I don't specifically know of who but I know that lacks something in me
something that really makes necessary, something that completes me
I feel lack of something that becomes somebody
that makes to see me in this world full of darkness
and that shows me the true sense of the life
life that I have never again been seeing
my life that that is full of barriers
that have not been getting to break not even to surpass
without this that I need

alive seeking algo,algo that completes me
so that I can follow my vida,vida that nor I know I have if more

I observe my body and I see that anything I lack
I try to seek vestiges for me to discover what I need
it was when I noticed that something was lacking
I look in my chest and I observe that my heart is not there
I try to seek him/it more in place some I find him/it
I go further on and I see a thing that had never seen before
a woman, only that was not a common woman
I saw that she was special
she had an own light that shone to the point of to blind any man
then I notice that in your hand there is something that belongs me

and now yes I saw that what really lacked it was not me something
and yes somebody, somebody that completed me
somebody like me that he/she understands each other and it helped me
after finding who really completed me
I saw that in my life any obstacle didn't exist
and yes solitude

now that found who I needed I see that I don't need anything else
I am complete because I have everything that needed and the solitude is not more part of me

Dedicated to Jadhynha Pinna

Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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