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No Such As What I Want

what if it didn't come back
this is how the hard one takes it.
puts her arms around his neck,
and squeezes gently as if to break it.

she's gonna miss everything about it,
but what's best in her is the bottom has stopped.
then again what's worse get's better
to messing with what, substantial, dropped.

crazy woman misleads by staring
blankly at the wall above you.
never in a hundred times will she try to pretend
to love you all week always

you or she must convert or hide time
from one to the other and into another
at the ? ground ?
her coldness commands anything further.

there's a black cloud having made it go so.
so you hooked (?) her on the arm.
ripped her shoulders and split her back
and push her quietly forward.

? stuff ? your thumb in it, you,
so scream and groan and I'll scream too

Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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