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Sunrise, Sunset

Sunrise, sunset, sunrise, sunset
swiftly go the days
sunrise, sunset, you wake up then you undress
it always is the same
A sunrise and a sunset
you are lying while you confess
keep trying to explain
the sunrise and the sun sets
you realise and then you forget
what you have been trying to retain
But everybody know
it's all about the things
that get stuck inside of your head
like the songs your room mate sings
or a visión of her body
as she stretches out on your bed
And she raised her hands in the air
asked you, 'when was the last time
you looked in a mirror?
because you have changed
yeah, you have changed.'
Sunrise, sunset
you are hopeful then you regret
the circle never breaks
with each sunrise and a sunset
there's a change of heart or address
is there nothing that remains?
For a sunrise or a sunset
you are manic or you're depressed
will you ever feel ok?
it's a sunrise and a sunset
your lover is an actress
did you really think she'd stay?
For a sunrise or a sunset
you're either coming or you just left
but you're always on the way
towards a sunrise or a sunset
a scribble or a sonnet
they are really just the same
To the sunrise and the sunset
the master and his servant
have exactly the same fate
it's a sunrise and a sunset
from a cradle to a casket
there is no way to escape
The sunrise and the sunset
hold your sadness like a puppet
keep putting on the play
But everything you do
is leading to the point
where you just won't know what to do
and at that moment you may laugh
but there is something there
who will be laughing louder than you
So it's true, the trick is complete
you have become everything you said you never would be
you're a fool! you're a fool!
Sunrise, sunset, sunrise, sunset
the sunrise and the sunset
sunrise, sunset, sunrise, sunset
the sun it rises and then it sets
Sunrise, sunset
go home to your apartment
put the cassette in the tape deck
and let that fever play
Sunrise, sunset
where are you, arienette?
Where are you, arienette?

Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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