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Revolucion (en inglés)


Listen or fuck yourselves, don't be assholes
The Mexican government doesn't worth a shit
P.R.I. commands everyone, they are communists
Indians and the poor, don't have a chance

Where are all the moles
They are now in the jungle
It must begin in the city
We have to be in every place

P.R.I. bastards - communist
Awaken everyone - revolution
With machetes - arm yourselves
Indian armies - zapatistas
Commander Marcos - directs us
Hide your face - underground

You are moles guerrilla men - revolution
You are moles crazy ones!!! - revolution

Long live Zapata, Long live Chiapas
Long live Mexico, Long live the revolution

Don't be cowards make yourselves men
you started it - you have to finish it
Do you want to be rats or men?
If not for you - then for your children
Communism, satanism, P.R.I.- is the same

Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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