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Safe In Your Arms Tonight

1st verse
Falling in love is a magical thing
It's a treasure to cherish and hold
It can be part of our souls
It is the ultimate prize

Being in love is a mystical thing
Doesn't make any sense at all
Keeping the dream alive
Must be the hardest thing

How can you know for sure
How do you know for sure
How can you tell how long it will last

So .. hold me for a thousand years
I'll always remember tonight
I won't be afraid of tomorrow because
I'll be safe in your arms tonight

2nd verse
Playing it safe is a dangerous thing
It can stop you from taking a chance
We couldn't see the light
If we're afraid of the dark

All that we know are the lessons we learnt
That are needed to help us grow
May all that you wish come true
This song is my gift to you

Bright as the stars that shine
As long as this love of mine
Pray that the future is kind to us all


Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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