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Anatomy of Hate

So you think it's justified
to speak your lies and to bend the truth
as long as it's not you
who's sacrificed?
When you define yourself
In opposition to the world
No matter who you hurt
You can go to hell

You always got somebody else to blame
You're always ready to deny
But I'm following the trail of pain
You have no alibi

I am the blade
Dissecting the beast behind your face
From fist to brain
I follow the anatomy of hate

So you call it unity
to feed the scapegoats to the hounds
to gain your ground
with cruelty?

'Cause it's simpler just to hate
It's easier to label and define
all humankind
by shape and shade

It's always someone else's bloody hands
That act upon your words


But it's not funny when it hurts
when it's your face that's in the dirt
'Cause you can't take your own medicine
and there's no cure for stupidity
So fuck you!


Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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