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Where Are We Going

As the sun goes down and we wake up
The streets start to fill with disrupt
The sounds of guns, police sirens
The mothers of our world are praying
The kid next door, he was shot in cold blood
AK-47 face in the mud
The wars on tv, blood on the screen
I wish I could say it was all bad dreams

Where are we going, can you tell me where
It looks like a straight line to Hell from here

The world is dying, the smell's in the air
The drugs, war and chaos, it's just not fair
The nation's on fire and Dad's lost his job
Mommy's on valium, seems everything's lost
Terrorists are tripping, thirty two are dead
It's all across the papers that we've read
A kid's selling dope, cause he can't afford to go to school
Found dead in an alley, he was playing a fool

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