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Me & Her In a Microcosm Of Torture

Half-sleep, staring at an impending fatal widow
The mask of my downfall shining in this night of ordinary quiet.
Choose____ : chained to insecuty / forsaken by purity /
Another game of jealousy we won't get rid of. /
Invisible glue quick-setting hopes, temper, resolution.
Cornered by a puzzle-shaped situation no move could float to the top.
Entering an era of psychotropics, sadness, asocialism
Then violence echoing like a whale goin' adrift to its death.
Choose____ : greet this phase of slavery / sink into a rien-ne-va-plus of empathy /
Weak human psychology every sentence a stab.
Abuse me, slander my dignity,
Give me scars, humiliations, more piss to swallow,
Slice through the flesh >> let blood spatter until i faint
Divulge my defects then burst into laughter,
Trample on the thin shore i still dare to call life...
Have fun as long as it comes my turn.

Me & her lost to nowhere
Pinching the psyche, a paranoid brain folder.

Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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