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Remembering Tomorrow

In the beginning there was beauty
Untouched by hands of men
Those days were so long ago
Today no one remembers when

Destruction devised by those in control
They'll be long gone and we'll pay the toll
Consciousness void, lives are at stake
Ignoring the risks, it's a chance they take

Toxins splash in our face
Catalystic vehicle quickens the pace
Balance corrupted claim to leap ahead
No place goes uncorrupted
Respect for life is dead

Elements tampered with, justified by science
Little man denying God, driven with defiance
Man confides in man, believing he's efficient
The time will come when all is done
We'll find he's insufficient

Fools conducting nuclear testing
It's our children they're molesting
Arrogance is evident it's seen in our ways
Destroy the natural flow
Ignorance on display

How can we call this progress at all!

Living lives just to please themselves
Committing crimes to increase their wealth
This is greed in its worth state
Who are they to play with our fate?
Death and pain coming from all sides
Love and peace never crossed their minds

Metal machinery seems to be jammed
Devastating mishap, a cog in the plan
Testing this, testing that, surely leave our mark
Man is in control, these ages are dark!

Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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