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Poison Winds

Through the darkness we will triumph
Kill Them - Kill Them
Like the poison winds of hell
Bleed Them - Bleed Them

We form into a gas of death
Rape them - Rape them
Asphixiation is your fate
Burn them - Burn them

Watch them weep in hopelessness
Slay them - Slay them
As poison gas seeps into the air
Choke them - Choke them

Your skin meats off into the ground
Release them - Release them
Nothing left not even your bones
End them - End them

Poison winds-bleeding lungs
Poison Winds-liquified skin
Poison winds-imminent
Poison winds- POISON!

Disintegration into the soil
Remove them - Remove them
This putrid land feed on their skin
Repulse them - Repulse them

Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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