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Fatal Self Inflicted Disfigurement

Miserable Species Of Vanity Forming Thoughts
Of Perfection.
Bodily Fanaticism.
Emulating Idols Of Meat Soulless Walking
Dead Man Made Embellishments Manipulating The Surface.
But The Core tTill Exists SOmethign
You Can Erase Corrupted Cerebral Structures
Distorting The Imagine You Reflect Facial Proportions Still Unbearable.

You Own Enemy Diabolic Self Takes
Control Abnormal Surge Of Adrenaline.
Fatal Decision Within Seconds Crushing
Your Reflection Begin To Tear Down
The Flesh Made Puzzle.
Sharpened Tool Of Death Sinks Into Every Inch
Of Visage Mangling The Flesh To Partially Own.

Unstoppable Haemorrhage Blood Sprays
In Fountains Half Your Face Lies To Your Own Feet
Piercing Your Eyes To Avoid This Horrid Sight.
Lateral Chop Through Forehead Puts
An End To Your Discontent

Worthless Soul Floating Away Body Falling
Lifeless From Decadence Comes This Wretched SIckness
In A System of Objectification Leading To Fatality...

Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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