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Sunrise To Sunset

6 o'clock in the morning...
i'm sippin' a cup of black coffee
wonderin' did you make it home all right
i thought about the things that you said
although it made no difference
i tried to work it out in my head
then i saw you there with a tear in your eye
you said it was because of that other guy
from sunrise to sunset,
i thought you'd be with me
but then you gave me one chance
and we'll dance one last dance
cuz the music won't stop till it's over
6 o'clock in the afternoon
from sunrise to sunset is really soon
when i can't spend it with you
lost myself in the blink of an eye.
don't know why i sit here and i cry
over you but i do
Then you called me
and told me it's over
it's over

Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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