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Deprivation Complete

Cleansing breath, focusing breath, relax setting my mind to rest
Concentrate, clearing mind-haze, at the top of mental state, saturated phase
Ever-even flowing I become as pure as a fluid drop of life, constantly
Connecting and generating an infinite ripple source from the center of my sea of solitude

Senses: My deprivation complete
Extending my outer limits, like the ripples outer edges, in every direction
Soon and only once coming to touch desolate omnipotent shores
And raise scores of thoughts, scores of thoughts

I perceive the world through what I see and conceive
The meaning of what life is supposed to be
My desire creates chaos by projecting my actions
The establishment of order from entropy

Conjured forth deaths sanctity
My mind rests absent of my body
Timing rhythm is the eternal key
Matching the universal with the internal beat

Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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