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Find Yourself in You

She never thought that she could
Get her second chance
Running so far from all she's ever know
Convinced she's lost all meaning
Where did her dreams go
Still she knew that there was something more

Don't let anybody tell you who you are
It's okay to let go,you're that shoothing star
Remember all you wish for
Belive it will be true
You will never find youreself anywhere else
You'll find youself in you

Sometimes people tell you
Be like me to fit in
Do you know your identity is not in theme

Don'y be scared there's someone there
To say these words you need to hear


Why should I measure the world
By someone else's desing
Oh I won't let this fly by
Hey look over here i just found the real me
Now it's your turn to see
Now it's your turn to see


Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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