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Dead To Me

Burning deeply your realities are fading
Far from unbecoming, all your dreams are ceasing
Vague intelligence blindly leading your emotions
Ignorantly fools, flock to marvel at your demise

Commit acts so mindless, beyond humor
Wallow in the cess that you deserve to be drowned within.

[you're] dead to me
Not worthy of the air i breathe
Dead to me
I'd vomit in your shallow grave
Dead to me
Forever your whole world disgraced

I would not piss in your mouth if you were dying of thirst
You should eat a mountain of shit

Dead to me
You lived to suck my soul from me.
Dead to me
Maliciousness is clearly seen.
Dead to me
Incompetently existing.

We hope no one is forced to remember your shit.
Never would be too soon to hear one word of you.
Why don't you kill yourself and do the world a pleasant favor?
My soul will not rest until i'm sure that you are dead and gone.

Dead to me
I vomit on your shallow grave.
Dead to me
Now you won't share the air i breathe‚?¶

Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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