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Watch Tenzin as he's going up the hill
A very little angel but a great spirit
Peaceful people living without fear, without greed
The country from mountains and eternity

Chinese army had come
To clean out this place
And children had cried
And children had died
Unauthorized invasion
And that's the crime they've done
Their madness is equal
To Hitler's disgrace

He resisted with a no big army
Resistance without violence
They took place without asking
What will be the price for their freedom?

Do you really know what they've done? Maybe‚?¶
Why can't we stop to feed the Great Chinese Dragon?
Expanding in every sense, killing for domination
Yangtze gushing bodies in a sea of blood

Their destiny isn't to be forgotten
We must try to help Tibet before Tenzin die
Cause we live in a free world
Metal men reject tyranny!

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