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Big Ben

Big ben chimes (x4)
I'm gonna take you on a ride to a lyrical expedition
in vision, imagine this, i be wishin that everybody would listen
kissing ass until i was able to step into the arena,
make an impression and lesson and discovering
i out-smarted mathmaticans, blazed through expeditions,
thru conditions not envisioned by those who pass predictions
in addition got a mission, a vision, if you would listen
produce collaboration increasing complications
You understand how my floetry got you bubblin'(uh)
i see you wonderin why you hear my name again (uh)
never the same again, yes we came to win again
and if we fail again then love will conquer pain again
just take a breath and continue the explanation
turn off the playstation, still in my attention
did i mention poetic extention - my redemption
soul is in suspension at the realisation.
with poor libation for ethnic formation
empower this position... more come to listen
[yo f-l-o-e-t-r-y get it?] floetry is like a master of chemistry turn your negativity into kinetic energy
You can't test we
no no you can't test we...see?
subtracting abstract messages from within that's what i'm giving
that's what i'm giving
that's what i'm giving(x2)
se 5 (x5)

Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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