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My Pride

Have some muscles, have some friends and I
I'll await you in the end
Have some glory,have some pride...
I will show you mine

No muscles but friends and
Thats the way it is
No glory, but pride of not being a superstar

You think you're better than me because
You've won the trophy
That makes you glory
I don't need a token for my exploits
Hey listen boy, you're not my idol with your meanless stats
So go and bother someone else

And you, you laugh of what I am
Dumb girls are kneeling by you
Just waiting by your sign
And you feign dignity as you still try to grab more
And you leave all your rejections to me

I don't care of what you say and you play the same
We aren't in the same world, we aren't good friends
But that doesn't mind to anybody anymore

Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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