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Domino (en inglÚs)

Even if we stop breathing and feel pain
Nobody's walking the same pace
This lazy daily life
Is the refelct of our existence where we are all always in a hurry

Under the pressure of time, we are losing ourselves

Since when? When I realized that
I couldn't smile with innocence anymore
Under the rain, I hide my tears
Your exhausted face

There is no answer, but isn't there any mistake?
Everybody's wandering trying to find themselves

Until the day you can live with pride
Until the day you can show your smile
I'll keep singing
Catch tomorrow

Look at the sky, the sun is rising
Bathing under the dazzling light
Run without looking back
Believe in the things you can't see

Because you are not alone

Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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