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Vengeance Of Demonic Fury

Condemned return of the crowned one
Homicide of the first son
Continuous trial of the forsaken
Bleeding these sores
Deformity of this new cult
The inbred rising against the bastard law
As the visual perversion of Christ
sits between eyes of the judged
Masturbate the embrace of dark
Urine burns the eyes of the unconverted
Harvesting the knowledge of putried elegance
The broken crest
Evolve as the squandered birth
Brittle in poise
To once again nourish from this embraced death
Slaughtering these plagues
Of the Holy Catastrophic profit
Of unkempt dignity
Enter this holocaust of the free
Bring us justification for vengeance
Destroyer of the sick accuser
The sky denied
Strangling the swan of starvation
As birth covers the floor of the church
Carnivorous grave worms hanging from hooks
Devouring the gray matter of emotion
I hear the salvation of Hell calling...Hell calling
One more dead,
One more lost, in a plagued existence...
Plagued existence
The chalice that bleeds youth for all
The bone of wrath that breaks all will
Unproficized legion
Feeling the eclipse of portals
Wage your war on sin
The war between the lack of it will
be you who casts the first stone
Blind oblivion is just the beginning

Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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