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Inner Disease

Scream of an angel
Inner Disease
Don't be so pathetic
Get up off your knees
Imagine the sight
Of your lord getting killed
You celebrate each year
The blood that was spilled
You blind fucking fools
Need all help you can get
Wear the cross he was killed on
As a sign of respect
How dare you preach to me?
Your ignorant ways
You can't even think yourself
You fucking slaves
Who in the fuck
Do you cunts think you are?
You've no right to preach
When you're mentally scared
You concept of life
Is distorted and blurred
Your ideas and your legend
Are fucking absurd
By speaking of Jesus
You're telling me that
You're ignorant to the world
Will not accept facts
You say you can help
Enlighten our lives
At what age did the priest?
Have to smother your cries

Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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